what are your weaknesses let me start by saying your greatest weakness is your greatest weakness it’s not your greatest strength taken to an extreme and portrayed as a weakness confusing


How To Answer The Job Interview Question


I have come across way too many HR professionals recommending that you should just take your greatest strength take it to extreme and then say that is your greatest weakness like for example my greatest weakness is that I work too hard I’m a perfectionist

I don’t delegate as much as I should I’m a people pleaser I am very critical of my own work please
stop seriously what are you trying to do I’m Danish social I’m a manager with PW consulting and have been interviewing thousands of candidates for the past almost 10 years as a hiring manager

if you say one of the above then I would immediately label you as a sorry to say but bullshitter now do you know what I was what else I would feel I would feel that you will continue to BS me in every
opportunity you get if I hire you there’s simply no reason for me to hire a team member especially a subordinate whom will try to be as her way through tough times think about this for a second of all the qualities you have

think about it your hard skills your motivation that college degree you’ve studied so hard to obtain where also you could be known as a bullshitter I’m confident that the answer is no if you gave one of the answers above before it’s because you were misguided and you received bad advice let’s look at some
examples in the world of consulting

which is what I know very well we’re challenged with deadlines and quality deliverables on a daily basis it’s really really tough out there

This is sure I’m sure it is the same with other multinational companies as well be it Investment Banking consumer goods marketing sales anything a large multinational company knitting it to be the number one with lazy employees they must have superstars in these high intensity environments leaders managers need soldiers who will fight with them as one United team who is determined to capture that castle so there are no lies or bullshit’s in such a team there are no it’s no pretense there are only hardcore facts so knowing this when we’re looking for new additions to such an environment in our teams we make sure we’re confident we can trust you to deliver that research when you say it add the quality you committed to right there no excuses but sums this or that happens I hope I’m being clear

when I say how honesty plays an integral role in your interview process um for example when I join interviews I have a mental checklist about this it goes like this is she trustworthy can I trust her is
she honest can she say sorry when she messes up we all do we all do mess up so can she learn from it and then move on right is she motivated to work hard for the team if the answer is yes to all of these questions then only I move on to evaluate the hard skills

I test you to understand whether whether you’re trustworthy or not you know I can increase the pressure and use your answers against you and I look for inconsistent inconsistent sees in your asses right and even if an opportunity presents itself then I even try to make you say sorry are you adult enough to say sorry when you need to or is it a pride issue am i dealing with self-entitlement here because if you’re suffering from it I suggest you work on it before you start interviewing with anyone

it will be very very obvious so basically like interviews with these companies are our mind games at its best right this is what this without hiring manager not necessarily with HR but a hiring manager definitely all right back to topic so you were asked a very simple question under pressure what are your weaknesses if you can’t answer this then I’m sure he will not answer honestly once we start working together all right so,

I hope so far so clear for you so how so far so clear basically you just needs to create honesty but how do you answer that question good so let’s get to it first me specific there are about a million weaknesses

I can list down here but without knowing your domain background and experience is very difficult to say
anything about it but what I thought is I could share with you my very own weaknesses and perhaps they may also relate to you as well it sounds good okay all right here it goes I feel very vulnerable like although I’m very good with applications of PowerPoint is tools and functions I’m not the best when it comes to designing this lights this is true I really am NOT a good designer

I can’t design a slide based on what I have in mind in my mind but luckily PwC consulting my employer has probably the best slide library in the world so all I have to do is just go through about 400
slides and pick the best template that suits that situation and to be perfectly honest

I don’t know if I would be allowed to actually take initiative because consulting companies invest millions of dollars to make sure their their slides look the best as great as they can be you know with their colors in the layouts great second weakness

I am confrontational maybe too much perhaps you know just has given me many problems in the past especially with clients from regions where confrontations are discouraged such as Japan and Philippines although I think I mastered the art of confrontation in certain cultures like those confrontation itself is frowned upon so there isn’t really anything I can do about it other than just be honest with with the partner in charge of that project and excuse myself even from those projects and of course

I never I never include those uber sensitive people in my own teams my third weakness we have a strategy
development tool at work called transform I’m just not good at it prior to PwC I use different methodologies and frameworks to develop strategies and somehow I can’t get rid of that thought process even now after four years with PwC that doesn’t mean

I’m bad at strategy development but I’m just not very good at following transform right good should I continue or not all right so one more I get bored very quickly my motivation peaks at first day of a new engagement stays at the peak for about a month or two maybe and then drops gradually until about six months engage when is that long if it’s longer

than six months then I really really need unearthly motivation to keep going but this is not a huge problem because as 95% of our projects are less than six months I’ve never encountered any issue
about that

all right maybe one more I am NOT a native English speaker so whenever I know that the job requires long

I always include a junior consultant who’s a native English speaker so so he or she becomes the one who proofread my work and edits my work good so enough with the weaknesses but let’s analyze them what am i doing I’m giving you the weakness but then explaining that it’s really no big deal

it’s not something that is so great so huge that you will fail me right if you were the interviewer one thing I suggest that you do is once you state your weaknesses then you talk about what you’re doing to be better at them but also remember they are still working progress right there’s still indeed your
weaknesses but you’re working on them cool great so now get to work and start writing down all your weaknesses in an excellent once you finish the list hopefully you’ll come up with like 10 20 of them start evaluating

your short lists based on criteria something like this does mentioning this weakness hurt your chances
is it something vital to a performance at work is it something not fixable if you for if you work on it because certain weaknesses cannot be easily fixed and eliminate all those that you answered

yes to any of these questions so if you aren’t left with anything then go back to your favorite spot and continue thinking come up with at least two weaknesses that when you then when you ask the questions that I mentioned earlier the answer is a resounding no let’s say you really thought long and hard but still couldn’t find anything and you feel you have no option but sly in that case my first suggestion is to urge you to think a bit more but if you still can’t then I understand to quit degree after all if you are a fresh graduate you may have very little relatable experience in that case I think you have a perfectly justifiable

reason not to know your professional weaknesses as yet then why don’t you say it that way instead of lying
you know you will collect so many honesty points if you’re a fresh graduate then go ahead and say something like this well here’s the thing as much as I want to share with you my professional weaknesses

I still haven’t accumulated enough work experience to share with your list of them right why not so yeah you can continue and say that it’s not that I won’t have I’m sure I will have many of those but I guarantee you that whatever they will be I will work on them and if you’re interested in my weaknesses
related to my personal life I’d be happy to happy to share with you

all but how much time do you have trust me giving an honest answer like this it will work wonders very well we’re done before I conclude the video

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