taxi zero is a successful business modelfor operating a taxi business in a small community if you live in a small
community and you want to start your own

How To Run A Successful Taxi Business In Your City

business consider the opportunity of starting a taxi zero licensed franchisee in your area.
everything that you need to
be successful be provided to you and you will only pay a low monthly rate for the
franchise fee

hi I’m John Meyers and I started taxi zero in 2014 in my small
community I live in a town of only 10,000 people and I grew up in the town
of fewer than 3,000 people

I’m a businessman and an entrepreneur and I’ve always had to make my business model

work in communities with a small number of people I still operate my taxi business daily and I’ve made it possible for you to set up a taxi zero licensed

franchise in your area I’ll provide you all the expertise and know-how to get started I’ll provide you training videos and I’ll tell you the situations that you’re going to encounter I’ll show you how to set up your books and how to run a credit-card machine in your car and you will look and act like

a professional from day one and you will have a business that’s cashflow positive most likely in the first month of operation when you consider starting a taxi business the first thing you’re
going to encounter are people that say to you oh you want to drive drunk people around well I’ll tell you less than two percent of my customers are visibly drunk

when I get in the car the people that I take to bars and restaurants are usually responsible adults many of whom have their own cars and a bluff some parked in the driveway so that they can
go out and enjoy an evening and have

some drinks and not have to face the possibility of getting a DWI charge and even that represents less than 5% of my overall business about a third of the business that you will do will be in

your local community you’ll do the morning commute the evening commute during the day you will be taking people around town for hairdresser appointments

doctor’s appointments if you have a hospital in your town there will be doctors and nurses coming in and out of town there will be patients that need ride to and from the hospital into the
local doctors offices

if you have a college or university nearby you’ll have a lot of activity associated with that you’ll have professors coming in and out you’ll have job interviewees coming in and out of town you’ll have parents of students and you’ll have the students themselves to drive around town but you’ll find that two-thirds of your business comes from community to community and from your community to any airports or bus stations that are within a hundred mile radius

so and you’ll have some trips that are even longer than that the long distance portion of your business will be the most profitable and you want to develop that

I get referrals from the local hotels from the hospital I do have a couple of universities nearby and I get referrals from them so what is the next step if you’re interested in looking into a taxi

zero license franchise for your area and starting your own business well the answer is follow the contact information that I’m putting on the screen or that’s in the description below and contact me and let me know of your interest

what we will do is look at the geographic area that you live in to see if it takes the zero license franchise make sense for your area and this will all be done free of charge because there’s no sense

thinking any money into a business idea that doesn’t even make sense for your area what we will look at is the size of the population you live in ideally three to five thousand on the low end or
thirty to fifty thousand on the high end

if you have any colleges or universities in your area that’s a plus if you have an airport or bus station within a hundred mile radius that’s a plus and if you have both that’s a double plus we’ll
evaluate the competitors already in your area and we’ll see what the regulatory environment is for your area

if all these things check out then the next step after that is for you to look at the actual business plan numbers see what the upfront cost will be see what

the operating cost will be and what the potential income is for your business at that point there will be a small fee involved for looking at the business

plan numbers but it’s better to put a little bit of money into evaluating the

actual numbers rather than putting a lotof money into starting a business that

doesn’t make sense for you and there will be a video outlining the actual steps to starting your business and your take see zero license franchise so