how social media will used in indian election


How social media will used in indian election

Your regular source of news views and opinions from the world of digital marketing I am van Chaka and I’m on arrow and in the headlines today Instagram beats YouTube for influence-peddling

India’s elections are here and the BJP is already all over it bad news for YouTube last week Instagram became the most preferred platform to view influencer content according to a survey by Rakuten marketing 65% of well everyone preferred to watch influencer content on Instagram three percent more
than YouTube sucks to be YouTube right now the report also mentions how influencer marketing is growing in leaps and bounds with 81 percent of people in the UK yeah

that’s where the survey took place having bought something through a link from an influencer 26% of these guys went ahead and spent five hundred pounds on stuff that influences our saying is really really cool this is great news for Facebook which is following up its annus horribilis with another awful start to the year last week Facebook and others sucker works like Instagram and whatsapp going dark for about 14 hours with people

unable to access them and then a day later that the New Zealand got Facebook napping when he live-streamed his hate crime in Christchurch prompting another wave of condemnation aimed at the social giant Zuckerberg is hoping the sound of money coming in through Instagram will drown out the hate the world’s largest democracy is going to the polls that’s as guys India with 900 million

people eligible to vote this will be the largest Democratic exercise in the world ever and the ruling BJP is already all over this a few days after the elections were announced they came out with a campaign slogan for the election the hashtag may be talking our campaign it kicked off on Saturday with Prime Minister Narendra

Modi changing his Twitter handle to talk the under in ramadi quickly followed by party president Amit Shah as p.m. Modi says in his tweet everyone who is fighting corruption dearth social events is a chalky Dart while the ruling party has been quick off the blocks the main in Congress still fumbling about the
starting line still figuring out a good response to stand out and take a position with the election less than a month away

India’s grand old party needs to get a move on and some good news from across our western border after years of not so neighborly conduct from Pakistan a chai wallah from Karachi seems to be saying something sensible

so remember Wing Commander a bean and invert Amman the Air Force pilot with the moustache as large as his bravery the guy who spawned countless hairy copycats yeah remember how nonchalant he looked as he sipped chai in the middle of the enemy well this tea guy from Karachi seems to be impressed with that hero as well this enterprising entrepreneur went ahead and got a banner printed with a beam on Don’s
well-groomed face on it and added the slogan SE chai kaduche mon kobe those benign tea that can turn an enemy to a friend and then Twitter just collapsed people from both sides of the border went gaga over the banner racking up retweets

All over the place kudos to mr. Khan of Conti stall to see the silver lining in all of this mayhem and a big up to him for speaking the language of friendship and peace well that’s all we have for you this time around for more regular updates from the world of digital marketing keep coming back until then like share and subscribe to upgrade for everything around data digital marketing and product