Sexist Rant By Congress Leader On Smriti Irani


Jaydeep Kavade said More Number Of Husbands Smriti Iran has


some more breaking news that’s coming in right now

another day another sexist drive at a woman politician this time the son of Professor Joginder Kawada president of the People’s Republic party has made a sexist comment against the GOP is a meaty candidate and Union Minister

smooth irani JD Parvati links ready Ronnie’s bindi to her merit in life the Congress ally has said that the size of a woman’s building is directly proportional to the number of husbands

she has Guevara claimed and Smith he sits beside Nitin Gadkari and speaks about changing the constitution so that is the comment which has been made by Jay Jay deep kavadi my colleague commish Sudan is on the phone line with me right now completion absolutely appalling and

outrageous this comment making a personal remark about a woman politicians marital status well certainly this is not just sexist it is outrageous uncalled for and certainly shows the mentality of a politician towards women politicians for talking about their personal life and taking such dives or during election campaigns this is certainly uncalled for somebody like Guevara

I was the son of a professor and he had the parties of president of the People’s Republic and party supporting and the Congress talking about a woman candidate in such a manner it has nothing to do with the election agenda

it has nothing to do with the election campaign but digging into a woman’s personal life it certainly that would that is certainly of only not just for the candidate but also people at large
error women over presence in the audience and he said according making such a statement a director made me not cutting it with a woman bindi to the number of husbands

it’s certainly it’s condemnable condemnable shows the mentality of the individual as well will the Congress party respond to this because the People’s Republic in party is an ally absolutely shocking publish