Hi and welcome to nororo careers in short series on data science

This Major Steps You Should Do To Become A Data Scientist

I’m nororo and I’m the lead business analyst at Flipkart in this video I’ll be talking about some of the most popular applications of data sciences so let’s look at a picture first this is an average internet minute in 2018 in a single minute

you have data being generated across platforms in various forms from checking the news in the morning on your phone to may be informing the world about the food

you’re having on Facebook or Instagram or wherever data signs and data is everywhere ok almost every application on your smartphone thrives on data it’s only fair to say that it’s practically impossible to list down all the applications of data science so we’ll have a broad look at the fields that are
using the magic of data science now internet search is a very obvious application how does Google return such accurate results right within a fraction of a second this is all data science in the background recommendations so from people you may know on Facebook or LinkedIn to things like people who have bought this will also buy this right – maybe your recommendations on Spotify – may be suggested videos on YouTube

maybe the next suggestion on Netflix right so everything is being recommended to you from a recommender system and this is all fueled by data science image or speech or character recognition now this pretty much goes without saying I mean what do you think is a brain behind city if not data science also how do you think Facebook recognizes your friend

when you upload a photo with them it is not magic it’s data science gaming there’s EA Sports Sony Nintendo Zynga and all the other Giants and this domain have taken it upon themselves to take your gaming experience to a new level the games are now being developed and improved using machine learning
algorithm so that it can upgrade as you move up to higher levels price comparison websites is another application so these websites are fueled by data for them more it is merrier the data is fetched from relevant websites using API is like PriceGrabber price run or jungly

Shopzilla or some such websites so let’s put it out this if you are from a tech background and if you have a little something for data then data science is really your true calling and the best part is that is so much to do right so many varied feel so many applications around data science

it’s really a broad umbrella term that covers a number of tools technologies and mastering any of them will make you an asset in the ever-increasing market of data science so these were the skills that you need for data scientists now if you think that these are just a little too much or maybe too technical for you maybe not aligned with your interest

there are these are the profiles about a business Perdita analyst or data engineer so do check out the other videos in the series where we describe these there’s always a lot of options and data science is a wide and welcoming field to transform your career in data science or machine learning

  1. Fraud and Risk Detection.
  2. Healthcare.
  3. Internet Search.
  4. Targeted Advertising.
  5. Website Recommendations.