NDA Announces Thushar Vellappally at Wayanad Candidate Against Rahul Gandhi

The NBA has announced its candidate against Rahul Gandhi from vinod in Kerala BJP the Bharath are John Cena the b d j s candidate too sharp Vella poly will contest against Rahul Gandhi now this I want to quickly cut across to India   today’s Gopi Krishna who Nathan for more on this go P this was the seat why not was a seat that was given to well appellee even earlier there was some talk that they could bring in a national BJP leader or to contest against Rahul Gandhi but that is not happening well happily remains well absolutely because we need to break it down in we need to actually break it down in a different sense because they were actually five seats among the twenty in Kerala that was given to the beauty sales which is led by Tushar will happily but for his back to serve Allah Poli himself announced that he will be contesting from constituency and not from why not now we must understand that this announcement came well before Rahul official announcement that he is coming down – why not immediately after Rahul Gandhi announced his candidature or the ACC announced the hold on these candidates from why not with information that the NDA have gone down in the huddle they were actually exploring three opposite or three options one to bring in the Bashar al Nepali the chief of B DJ’s why not the second option was to bring in a state leader and the third option was to bring in a national leader from the BJP now as we we’re reporting over the last one day the first option has finally been approved and announced by Amit Shah himself and now we will see a teacher swap between two charvel Napoli who was supposed to be in through Sood he will come down so why not and the pileinn mr. pile he was the candidate was announced from why not he will subsequently go down to protrude or any other constituency is what we have been told at the moment okay why was you know for the benefit of viewers why was you know to shout monopoly thinking of traceur and why does the BJP thing in your appreciation that he would be better off or why not against Rahul Gandhi for the BJP and the NBA they have actually identified four seats in Kerala as a one category or a plus category so these were the seats in which BJP was actually their internal analytics department we’re hoping that they will be able to emerge as a number one party then that is in fact the reason why BJP was telling they will not only be opening their account in karala but they will be etting four to five seats now this is as per the internal analysis of BJP and treasurer was one among this a1 category C so when the remaining three a one category seats went down to the BJP their only ally the only official political and is B DJs they also want they also actually demanded for one a one category seat that was ritual yeah and that seat was granted to them under the condition by Amit Shah that this seat will be given to be DJs only if to charville up early he is going to be the candidate from that because BJP and the PBJs vs Tushar monopoly is the most prominent face in that particular political party and he will also have a lot of acceptance across all political parties and also goes to the communal sections of the religious sections in the state give us details of to charville a police background breach and be JP’s and india okay I have I have BD Jace’s to charville a poly joining me on the broadcast sir welcome on India today you will take on Rahul Gandhi at Vinod what will your strategy be saw real Mullally please never accept anyone from in out of or ugly okay sir because many would say that you yourself are not very keen on on Vinod initially you were going to Tresor yes can we know here India sir I have to actually go okay so you are saying as Malayalees you will not accept an outsider but is is Rahul Gandhi being a nice outsider going to be your biggest you know attack on Rahul Gandhi to take him on sir Honda puzzle because energy is not visible in Mullally these are different people we live in with this country you live there we are mental is the difference okay okay but Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party feel that Rahul Gandhi contesting from Vinod will be advantage not just Kerala but also Karnataka and Tamil Nadu so no way Morrell is that different people use this understand you have to understand that the really think in a different day the he can even prove in North India how can he come to us South India and talking to our people okay so what were what were your thoughts why were you thinking of shifting from why not to traceur and why why come back now why not to take on Rahul Gandhi sir because India can mean and I’m every DJ is represent because I was contesting and preserve it so Judaism I am winning seat I’m here for a big fight we really true so with the left and the Congress not together the CPI is very upset you know we spoke to D Raja a short while back the left is very upset with Rahul Gandhi will a three-way fight be advantage for you or will it mean that the left will do better we will do better and we will from here in Kerala we will finish him I sent you back you are saying you will finish Rahul Gandhi and send him back yeah because the left is also saying that this will be defeat for Rahul Gandhi in Caroline it will be it will be thus the beginning of Congress’s defeat and Congress will make a circle I’ll finish him and turned impact that’s a strong statement you may kinks are you’re saying that you’re going to finish Rahul Gandhi down south the Congress sees it as a big Emily I know what I’m doing the left will be saying exactly the same sir left is saying they will win by nerd yeah you will see will see you just give me just give me some time really what we are going to will you can see so who’s a bigger threat for you the left is a bigger threat for you mister sorry Bella Pelle Aurora’s Congress a bigger threat for you your war is against Rahul Gandhi you say yeah okay So does that mean you will need a lot of national support will you need big national leaders to come and campaign for you or can you do it on your own with state leadership you know get away from my sister support me right okay mr.

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