What are the skills required to become a data scientist


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I’m Rahim big and I’m the lead business analyst at Flipkart today I’ll be explaining the top skills you may need to become a successful data scientist na let you’ve chosen for you the profile of a data scientist the next question is what skills would you need to succeed at being one let’s address this first no

You do not need a PhD in statistics or computer science to think of becoming a data scientist this is a popular misconception here’s what you really need let’s talk in terms of hard skills

The other aspect which is often ignored but very important which is soft skills as well let’s come to the hard skills first you definitely need programming skills maybe Java maybe Python maybe are some programming skill is a must the other important skill is a deep understanding of machine learning techniques indeed I mean a good understanding of ML techniques and how to work with them is really what separates

The great data scientist from the rest the third thing is math so probability statistics and some linear algebra these will be indispensable for you after a while so comfort with big data is another big one because you will constantly be fetching data analyzing data exploring data so there’s really no way about around this you have to be comfortable with big data eventually learn SQL or sequel whatever you call it this is very very important as a data scientist

You will be spending a lot of time collecting data merging data from multiple sources doing some quick analysis maybe some sanity checks so SQL is a very very important skill and probably this is like the most common round most common skill tested in any data scientist interview now coming to the soft skills very very important business main understanding you are solving business problems and you really have to have an understanding and a good

understanding of the field will really make a solutions better so you will add much more value than someone who doesn’t have an inkling so yeah that’s a very important skill and should definitely work on improving your knowledge or understanding of the business you want to get into another important aspect is curiosity so you’re a scientist at the end you’ll be curious you want to explore what can be done in the situation is there a better way of doing this how is competition doing it how have others solved it what are the industry

best practices yeah maybe you’ll read white papers many blogs maybe journals but it’s a very important thing to have curiosity and really find out what is the best way of doing anything in this situation so that’s a really important skill as well next is communication very very important and this is often overlooked

you should be able to probe ask the right questions and understand the stated and unstated needs of the
business should also be able to explain things to non-technical audience maybe your approach maybe communicate your insights

maybe communication how your model works so communication is a very important aspect of your skills and in some cases this becomes the differentiator between an average and a successful data scientist so now you know what skills

you ought to have but how do you get there right how do you even approach this and how do you begin this journey also if you have any specific questions on the skill set needed do ask them in the comments and we’ll try to address

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